Sunday, September 13, 2015

When will we have enough of the Obama administration

It is important to remember what the founders of our country had to say about suffering under a tyrannical and out-of-control government. To quote those wise and courageous men,

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people 
to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and 
to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to 
which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to 
the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel 
them to the separation." 

It is my contention that we are again at that point. The difference is that we have to separate ourselves from a domestic rather than foreign threat to our survival as a free nation. 
What will it take to change 
the direction our country has taken under Obama?
It has taken me quite some time to recognize that what we laughing call the Democratic party is in reality a socialist/communist cabal that simply follows Obama's lead from the rear. They have damaged our nation to the point of eminent collapse. Do not be misled; we as a nation are in serious trouble. We have to take action now, or suffer the consequences. 

Personally, I would not wait for an election. Obama can do a lot of damage during his last few years in office. I would like to see all the true conservatives in Congress walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to openly protest in front of the White House. They would be joined by tens of thousands of loyal and patriotic Americans. This protest and demonstration against Obama would continue until Obama resigns from the Presidency. 

At the same time, I would encourage the Congress to refuse to implement any proclamations or dictates coming from the White House. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Gerhardt Family

This is my entire family at the Hall of Heroes Dinner in 2010

(Brigitte, Lisa, me, David, Lori (Keri), Jackie)

THINK before you vote; otherwise we all get screwed

How did a man with so few credentials and no significant accomplishments become the president of our country? I’ll admit that I was pleased to see a bright young black man with a likeable personality say we needed a change. While I liked Bush, he approved too much money to be spent by a Democratic controlled Congress. It was time for change.

Then I started listening closely to what the young candidate wanted to do. It became obvious that he was anti-capitalism, anti-military, and anti-American exceptionalism. I had to vote against him. I now know what got him elected – affirmative action. Too many people were mesmerized by this young mans oratory and likeability. More importantly, he was black. In my opinion, he was swept into office by affirmative action; which is just another way of sugar-coating racism.

I believe what Martin Luther, Jr., believed. People should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This President took an oath to abide by the Constitution, yet time and time again, he has taken actions not permitted him in the Constitution.

If we simply look at his closest associates, we find an America hating preacher, a convicted terrorist, 34+ Czars (ultra-liberals, socialists, communists, and statists) performing the jobs that should be done by his Cabinet. Look at what he did to our nations economy. He created more divisiveness and class warfare then any of his predecessors. Please don’t damage this country any more. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Conservatives Pledge to the Citizens of the country.

If I were king, the following pledge would become the cry of the conservatives in America.

We pledge to bring the changes listed
below up for a vote in our first 90 days of service

The list of pledges outlined below help define what the Republican Party stands for. Each pledge represents an action to rebuild our democracy. We will work swiftly and diligently to achieve each and every pledge. These pledges are designed to make our country stronger and regain the paths to freedom that our Constitution guaranteed all of our citizens.  
If we are initially unable to implement any pledge due to congressional or Presidential opposition, it will be our intent to bring that pledge before Congress or the Senate as many times as necessary until the opposition fully understands the positive impact of that pledge.

PLEDGE 1:     The English language will be the language of America.
a.     English to be the official language of America.
b.     All Government documents for U.S. use inside the country will be published in English only.
c.      English classes for non-English speaking people will be provided with cost sharing by both Federal and State Governments.
d.     Citizenship will require that non-citizens applying for Citizenship be conversant in English.
PLEDGE 2:     The Northern and Southern borders of this county will be secured.
a.     Entrance to this country will require a passport, visa, or work permit.
b.     All immigrants will be processed for health and criminal background.
c.      Immigrants must have a U.S. sponsor to insure their livelihood.
d.     States will be reimbursed by the Federal Government for the cost of having to provide border security.
PLEDGE 3:     The current IRS system will be replaced by the FAIR TAX system as quickly as possible.
a.     No taxes on income of any kind.
b.     The IRS becomes the Federal Tax Service (FTS) The FTS oversees FAIR TAX accountability requirements (substantially reduced manning, scope & structure).
c.      Tax on sales of final products and merchandize replaces the current system.
d.     Overseas Corporate accounts may return to the US without being taxed.
e.     Fair Tax system reimburses all citizens for cost of essential items.
PLEDGE 4:     A new and simpler State and Federal health care system will be implemented to replace the current system.
a.     All Insurance companies providing health care programs in one State shall allow for cross-border implementation.
b.     Health panels will no longer establish costs for medical procedures or specify the level of care to be given to any patient.
c.      States shall oversee the Health Care Programs within their States.
d.     The Doctor/Patient relationship is sacrosanct and will not be managed by any external agency.
e.     The patient, a State Medical board, and the Federal Health Care system shall address long term medical care and extremely expensive procedures.
PLEDGE 5:     The Welfare Program will be limited to 12 months.
a.     A revised jobs program will be implemented to insure that Welfare personnel can find a job within 12 months.
b.     Federal and State agencies can establish work programs to accomplish specific tasks for the unemployed (limited to two years).
c.      No Employee shall be required to join a Labor Union or provide money to a Labor Union unless they choose to do so.
PLEDGE 6:     All programs and regulations implemented by Congress shall apply to all members of the legislative and executive branches as well as the citizenry.
a.     Review the status of earlier regulations passed by congress for possible applicability.
b.     The names of key Congressional and Senatorial sponsors for legislation will be attached to all legislation along with the numbers in members in the House and Senate voting for and against.
c.      No Congressman or Senator will accept gifts of any kind from lobbyists to include employment for himself/herself and members or his/her family for five years after leaving office.
PLEDGE 7:     Limit the number of years that a Congressman or Senator can hold office (Senators: two terms - 12 years; Congressmen: four terms – 8 years).
a.     Amend the Constitution regarding term limits.
b.     Resolve the issue of members moving between the two houses of Congress.
c.      Change the date that the newly elected Federal officials assume office to December 10th.
PLEDGE 8:     Insure that the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard have adequate manning and equipment/facilities to accomplish their missions in defending our country. This may include operations within foreign countries after Congressional approval.
a.     A clear statement of the missions and operations to be executed by the military branches of our country.
b.     Emphasize the development and use of many smaller highly trained and skilled operational units (e.g.: special forces, seals, rapid transport and intelligence gathering teams).
c.      Consideration be given to requiring high school graduates to enter the active military or spend at least two years in a military reserve unit within their home states.
PLEDGE 9:     No proposed legislation shall be considered valid unless it provides adequate time for all congressmen or senators to review and evaluate the effect of the legislation.
a.     Before any vote on legislation, there will be a delay of one day for every five pages of legislation.
b.     Funding bills will be separate bills and not contain any other legislation (add-ons, pay-backs, pork, etc.).
c.      Draft legislation will be in non-legalistic terms so that it can be read and understood by the average citizen
PLEDGE 10:   Modify the Federal Reserve System to make it more responsive to country's requirements.  
a.     Elect the members of the Board of Directors. Make them accountable to the Speaker of the House.
b.     Reducing the control that the FED has on our economy.
c.      Reducing the printing of money to give more value to our currency.
d.     Reducing the bailing out of banks (depositors already have a guarantee of coverage by the U.S. Government for up to $100,000.00).
e.     Activities at the FED to be more transparent.

Friday, July 31, 2015

We Americans deserve what we get for a leader

People who support our President fascinate me. If you vote for him because he’s an African American, you’re a racist. If you ignore the fact that both his parents were not natural born American citizens, you haven’t read the U.S. Constitution. If you ignore the fact that his birth certificate is a proven forgery, you just don’t care what he’s done.

Do you overlook his promise to allow legislation to have enough time to be read by Congress before voting? Remember Nancy Pelosi telling us that it was necessary to pass the Health Care Bill so we could find out what’s in it.  The President also promised to keep lobbyists out of the White House. He’s now surrounded by Union leaders, green activists, environmentalists, and Hollywood celebrities. He promised to bring the country together, but has become the most divisive President in my lifetime.

He promised to eliminate the deficit during his first term, but he ended up adding over $6 Trillion dollars to the national debt. That’s more than all the Presidents preceding him combined. He’s a failure.

     I started a small business and did not have any help from anyone. I did it myself. Don’t tell me I didn’t do it without help. In fact, the government got in the way with city, county, and state licenses, and then state and federal taxes, plus a “use tax” in which I have to pay for the same equipment that I bought and use in my business each year.