Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Gerhardt Family

This is my entire family at the Hall of Heroes Dinner in 2010

(Brigitte, Lisa, me, David, Lori (Keri), Jackie)

THINK before you vote; otherwise we all get screwed

How did a man with so few credentials and no significant accomplishments become the president of our country? I’ll admit that I was pleased to see a bright young black man with a likeable personality say we needed a change. While I liked Bush, he approved too much money to be spent by a Democratic controlled Congress. It was time for change.

Then I started listening closely to what the young candidate wanted to do. It became obvious that he was anti-capitalism, anti-military, and anti-American exceptionalism. I had to vote against him. I now know what got him elected – affirmative action. Too many people were mesmerized by this young mans oratory and likeability. More importantly, he was black. In my opinion, he was swept into office by affirmative action; which is just another way of sugar-coating racism.

I believe what Martin Luther, Jr., believed. People should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This President took an oath to abide by the Constitution, yet time and time again, he has taken actions not permitted him in the Constitution.

If we simply look at his closest associates, we find an America hating preacher, a convicted terrorist, 34+ Czars (ultra-liberals, socialists, communists, and statists) performing the jobs that should be done by his Cabinet. Look at what he did to our nations economy. He created more divisiveness and class warfare then any of his predecessors. Please don’t damage this country any more.